Re: Screen Reader under DOS

Arno Schuh


the only screenreaders I surely know that run under DOS used external devices to speak.
I never run Jaws for DOS, but probably JfD was able to use a build-in soundcard to speech. In the past Jaws for DOS was available for free from the download area (of HJ, not sure if it still was available from FS and todays distributer).
If you try to setup such an old screenreader on a modern computer I suppose the biggest problem would be the soundcard. As said before, I never used Jaws for DOS, and so I don't know if Jaws requires a specific type of soundcards.
I remember that some screenreaders for DOS I tested in DOS times needs i. e. soundcards from creative Labs like SoundBlaster Pro (the TalkingBlaster screenreader comes to mind).
Soundcards from other manifactures at last have to run in a legacy mode that comes close to the SB specifications.



Am Sonntag, 26. August 2018 02:06 schrieb Howard Traxler <howard@...>:

I'm going to build a DOS machine and will, of course, need it to talk
and possibly display in Braille. I'm wondering if NVDA will run
under DOS? I think I'll probably use DOS version 6.22. If not, I do
have others here that will run.


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