Re: Future of speech synth add ons

Antony Stone

Thank you very much both for the testing and the comprehensive report.

I especially appreciate that you quote the specific version numbers of all
relevant software.



On Sunday 26 August 2018 at 16:48:59, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:

Update: I finally managed to get Windows 10 up and running in my virtual
machine, with NVDA 2018.3 beta 3. I tried to install both Tifflotecnia and
Codefactory synth drivers, and it seems that they continue to function
normally. I am able to activate the Codefactory demo and have eloquence
working. So...the conclusion that I can draw from my brief tests is that,
both the Tifflotecnia and Codefactory drivers should continue to work with
NVDA 2018.3, but looking into the future when NVDA switches to Python 3 I
can't confirm that they will continue to work. Note the versions I used
for testing are: 3.0.13 for Tifflotecnia driver, and 1.0 for Codefactory
driver (both are the latest versions available).
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