Words and lines repeat in the Mail app!

David Moore

Hi all!

I hope you can help me.

Lately, in the mail app, if I use the arrow keys to read word by word, or line by line, the same word, letter, or line will repeat, even if I am on another line, letter, or word.

When I try to correct my emails, I have to use the text commands to read with the review cursor, and press the command to bring the focus to the review cursor, and make the correction.

My messages read fine with the review cursor, but it is getting almost impossible to read my message with the arrow keys and the focus.

I am using latest alpha build, latest Mail app update, and Windows 1803.

It is the win10 mail app.

I have tried turning off my add-ons except for Windows app essentials, but it does not help.

Let me know if any of you are having this problem with the Win10 mail app with NVDA.

David Moore


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