how to disable drop box badge


Hi, I don’t know if this will work with NVDA. This person who gave me this message uses jaws 17. I don’t think this will bother you using NVDA This is if you have office or word.

Dropbox Badge is a rather unfriendly floating window that shows up if 
you work with Dropbox and Microsoft Word or Office. You can disable this 
window by doing the following:
Go to the system tray and arrow down to dropbox.
Press enter on it.
You should hear a prompt to press enter to get into the menu.
Press enter; you're in a list of items.
Arrow down till you hear preferences.
Press enter. You're in a dialog box.
Tab until you get to dropbox badge; you'll be in a combo box.
Press alt and down arrow. Go down to the last item, which says "never 
show." Press enter on it.
Tab to the OK button and press enter. This gets you out of dropbox and 

out of the system tray.

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