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Yes, go in to settings>time and language>speech and set the rate there, and NVDA's speech rate will increase along with it. This is unfortunately out of NVDA's control.

On 8/27/2018 8:26 AM, kelby carlson wrote:
Okay, the Microsoft voices work, but event at a rate of 100 they go
much slower than I would like. Is there a way to increase their speed

On 8/27/18, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 05:19 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:

I am not a fan of Microsofts voices as they do tend to expand
abbreviations used in the us not great Britain
Even with the UK English voices?  [That's a serious question, by the way.
Stuff like you described often gets overlooked.]


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