Re: firefox ?


Thanks Brian!

I have no clue which version it was other than older and working correctly! haha

All I know is I rebooted and got welcome to firefox ugg I had made sure last time that I set it to not update yet it updated sigh!

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Which version of Firefox were you using before?
I would actually suggest two things. If you are the sort of person who only puts your computer to sleep, try a complete shut down and restart.

If that works, all well and good if not, try running the register tool in nvda. I suspect this might make no difference as I think it runs at boot up anyway, but worth a try.
It is worth noting that there are a significant number of us who have had this issue with the Quantum builds so if you were using 52 before, then you might be on of us. For those my fix is Waterfox which is a 64 bit version of firefox with whatever the problem in Firefox recent builds omitted.

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it updated on me yesterday grr had it set not to but apparently it doesn't much matter! anyway since it updated it's not loading pages I just get blank blank blank unless I hit windows escape and arrow over to the page then it will let me read but it's sluggish!

I noticed also that if I turn off brouse mode it will let me tab down and it will read though obviously not everything which makes me think it's a brouse mode issue on firefox but I have no clue for sure?

it's firefox 61.0.2 I believe

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