Add-on Updater August 27th build posted


Hi all,


Add-on Updater August 27th build (proof of concept) is now available. This build brings:


  • User experience feedback: when add-on updates dialog appears, all add-on checkboxes will be checked by default. This is in response to feedback from people regarding user experience of having this checked/unchecked. My original intent was to check them, but couldn’t find a solution for a while. This fix also addresses a problem where users of most recent releases could not update their add-ons due to missing wxPython attribute when running NVDA 2018.2.1.
  • Development snapshot download: fixed an issue where if you told Add-on Updater to download development versions of add-ons, it would download stable releases instead. This was internal to the add-on – no changes to add-on server.


Important notes:

  • If you are running NVDA 2018.2.x and happen to use August 25th build (the original, not revision A), you need to apply this update manually. To do so, go to NVDA add-ons website (, go to “add-ons under development”, look for Add-on Updater, and download the build offered.
  • This is a proof of concept add-on, thus no stable build will be released and should be used to send feedback regarding add-on update feature in NVDA (which I’m working on).




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