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I am running Windows 10 and Firefox, and use much the same process as you. I had always deselected whatever item was the default selected before creating the new shortcut. I thought that was likely the different. However I tried your step by step without the deselect and it worked fine. When you finish your process, is there a new Icon with the correct name on your desktop?

Guess this was not of much help.


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I don’t know why the way I do it in Windows 7 won’t work.

I go to the page, and go to the address field, with alt + D.

Then I do the copy command, control + C, it’s already highlighted.

Then I go to the desktop and I usually unselect whatever is there, but I don’t think this is necessary, with control + space bar.

Then I tap the applications key and arrow to new and open that and enter on shortcut.

Then I paste the URL I copied before, with control + V.

Then I enter and give it a name and I’m done.

It took a lot longer to write this out than this procedure takes.




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The default method is drag and drop, which is not particularly convenient for screen reader users.

See this article on entitled, How To Create Website Shortcut On Desktop In Windows 10, which gives you alternative methods for creating desktop shortcuts to websites that are applicable no matter what web browser you're using.

If your default web browser is something other than Internet Explorer (and it should be) you can still use the trick of using IE just to create the desktop shortcut from the webpage currently visible.  The shortcut on the desktop will open in whatever your chosen default web browser happens to be, as what's created is nothing more than a shortcut to a web page and those are always opened by the default web browser you've chosen.


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