Hi New Screen Curtan in NVDA.

Michael Munn

Good Afternoon NVDA user's list email subscribers,This is Michael Munn the new person in the list.
I have a fantastic news to tell you all that the NVDA now come with an Add on called Screen Curtain.. I think all of you already know this. In case you don't I'm going to repeat this once again. 
This add on soon to be one of the Feature of NVDA that's enable the user of NVDA to hide their Screen so that wany sighted people can't look after you.

Who is the developer of this unique add on?
I really enjoy this add on.
Thanks once again 
Best Regards 
Michael Munn 
"If a person must be blind, it is better to be blind in Iowa than anywhere else in the nation or in the world."
Harold Russell, 
Des Moines 
Michael Munn
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Virginia Association of Blind Student
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