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Ervin, Glenn

Hi Brian,

I don’t know which of my messages you are replying to, you don’t have your messages showing the message that you are replying to, but at any rate, I had already mentioned that folks get to those advanced search options by control + tabbing when you are in the search window, and the only way I know of getting to that search window is shift + control + F.

But those advanced searches are not as good as the search options in Outlook Express.

I would not keep old messages if I could not search through them with a search feature.



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            You have never apparently used the Advanced Find feature of Outlook (CTRL + SHIFT + F) which allows you to specify values to search for in virtually any user-visible field, if you go through the Messages, More Choices, and Advanced tabs of that feature. It's been around for quite a while and can be directly invoked when you're in any mailbox.


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