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Ian Westerland

Perfect Joseph. Thank you.


Ian Westerland

On 8/28/2018 2:26 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
There may or may not be announcements regarding this add-on on this list for a while, as I plan to shift attention to the corresponding NVDA feature in order to apply lessons learned through this add-on. The next big thing might be ability to update Windows 10 App Essentials through Add-on Updater, but that won’t happen until October at the earliest.
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*Subject:* [nvda] Add-on Updater August 27th build posted
Hi all,
Add-on Updater August 27^th build (proof of concept) is now available. This build brings:
* User experience feedback: when add-on updates dialog appears, all
add-on checkboxes will be checked by default. This is in response to
feedback from people regarding user experience of having this
checked/unchecked. My original intent was to check them, but
couldn’t find a solution for a while. This fix also addresses a
problem where users of most recent releases could not update their
add-ons due to missing wxPython attribute when running NVDA 2018.2.1.
* Development snapshot download: fixed an issue where if you told
Add-on Updater to download development versions of add-ons, it would
download stable releases instead. This was internal to the add-on –
no changes to add-on server.
Important notes:
* If you are running NVDA 2018.2.x and happen to use August 25^th
build (the original, not revision A), you need to apply this update
manually. To do so, go to NVDA add-ons website
(, go to “add-ons under development”, look
for Add-on Updater, and download the build offered.
* This is a proof of concept add-on, thus no stable build will be
released and should be used to send feedback regarding add-on update
feature in NVDA (which I’m working on).

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