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Yeah, slimware was the one. It became slimware windows bridge after it had a windows version, which according to an interview I saw once, was the first screen reader for windows, but the dos version was pretty good from what I understand. I never used it myself, even after obtaining source code rights, because of not having a dos computer at the time. I have one now, but I can't find the source anymore, so unfortunately, that's a nonstarter. I'll dig around in my various archive locations, and see if I can find the executablesand post them on softcon's file page. Don't how useful it will be to anyone, but what the heck.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2018, Howard Traxler wrote:

Did you mean slimware windows bridge? I have all the files here in an archive; but one needs the disks with the install code to use it. I don't think I have the disks any more.

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Provox was a free opensource dos screen reader. You need a hardware synth for it to work, but otherwise, it's free for anyone to use. I believe the zip file you need to hunt for is I have the source code around here somewhere, as I'd actually intended to keep developoing it after the original author gave up on it, but I never did anything with it. Perhaps, if I can track down the code I have stashed somewhere for the dos version of windowbridge (don't remember what it was called) I can release that as public domain, (not opensource, since I'm not allowed to release the source), but public domain would make it free for anyone to use. I don't think I have source for it, since those cds got lost in my move from Alabama to Virginia, but if I do manage to track it down, I have no problem posting it for anyone who wants to use it.

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