Update on Amazon Kindle Site with NVDA

Abbie Taylor

I just now tried to purchase another Kindle book from the Amazon site. When I couldn't find the button to buy with one click with NVDA, not even with object navigation, I switched to System Access, and sure enough, there was the button, and I was able to successfully complete the purchase without having to call Amazon's disability customer service.

It sounds to me, then, that the issue here may be with NVDA, although folks who use Jaws or Narrator could possibly try the site to see if they can find that elusive button. I wonder if there is something NVDA developers can do to allow the program to read these buttons. Surely there are other such buttons on other sites that NVDA won't read, even with object navigation, but that are easily recognized by other programs. Not all screen readers are created equal. This is just an idea for what it's worth.

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Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author

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