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Jonathan COHN


I just did a little viewing around on the Amazon / Kindle site for the second time in my life. I only really closely examined the page for one book "House of Trump House of Putin".

I went to the kindle store searched for a title and then clicked the link. At that point I had a "main region" available with buying options. It seems the tab order is all over the place so I am not quite sure about that. When I found buying options hitting tab and then shift tab three times seemed to bring me to the Kindle purchase button.

Another way I found to find the Kindle purchase button for this book was to hit H3 to get to the start of the reviews, and then hit shift-B to go back one button.

I hope this helps, but I have to say it is a bit confusing. Certainly searching for "Kindle" with NVDA search functions might be more effective.

Jonathan Cohn

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I just now tried to purchase another Kindle book from the Amazon site.
When I couldn't find the button to buy with one click with NVDA, not
even with object navigation, I switched to System Access, and sure
enough, there was the button, and I was able to successfully complete
the purchase without having to call Amazon's disability customer service.

It sounds to me, then, that the issue here may be with NVDA, although
folks who use Jaws or Narrator could possibly try the site to see if
they can find that elusive button. I wonder if there is something NVDA
developers can do to allow the program to read these buttons. Surely
there are other such buttons on other sites that NVDA won't read, even
with object navigation, but that are easily recognized by other
programs. Not all screen readers are created equal. This is just an idea
for what it's worth.

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