problem with windows10 OCR

Josh Kennedy



Since I plan on getting a new computer for playing some games, and I will probably need windows10 OCR to scan and click on stuff in the game menus, I tried an experiment. I went to the desktop went up to desktop window with object navigation, and did capslock r. the desktop was recognized and placed in the results viewer. I went down to mail, I hit space, nothing happened, route mouse to navigator object folloed by left click, nothing, tried enter, nothing, space, and enter two times, still mail did not activate, NVDA did not click it. So I unloaded NVDA and started the latest jaws2018. Jaws old legacy MSAA drivers are turned off for windows10. So I told jaws to OCR the screen, it did.  It turned on the jaws cursor, I moved to windows10 mail, and did a left mouse click twice quickly. And mail activated and loaded up. So what is wrong with NvDA OCR? Why won’t it activate mail while jaws will in fact activate mail? Will I have to use jaws to get at the menus of games such as madden nfl 19 and successfully click the options and then unload jaws to play? Is this a NVDA OCR bug, or is there a more accurate OCR NVDA addon? In any case I am glad I have two screen readers on here, in case one does not work, the other probably will.





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