Re: NVDA recent snapshots not reading message status in Outlook

Christo de Klerk

I have not rolled back, but a friend who is experiencing the same issue, has rolled back to a snapshot from May which brought back the announcements of the status indicators.

As WXPython deals specifically with human interface and this is by its nature a human interface related issue, I think it is quite likely that the migration could have such a side-effect.

Possibly most other people are not using snapshots and consequently might not be aware of what might be awaiting them. Here in my country most NVDA users do not use snapshots, but the few I know who do, have this issue. It is not just I.


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It should not be anything to do with this at all. There have been a lot of changes to try to cope with the many versions of outlook and updates so I would suggest raising it as an issue..I do not use outlook myself, but I would have thought if it was a general issue lots of others will  have it too, As a matter of interest I assume the stable version still works as expected does it?

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA recent snapshots not reading message status in Outlook

Hello all

I have noticed that the NVDA snapshots of the past two months or so no longer read message statuses in Outlook. This is true of Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook in Office 365. Could this be an unpleasant side-effect of the migration to WXPython 4? Can we look forward to this being fixed in the not too distant future. It really was such a helpful feature when NVDA used to announce message statuses.

Kind regards


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