Re: Those with other screenreaders as well problem

Jonathan COHN

I have been avoiding this update, because I don’t use Skype.


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Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2018 4:38 PM
Subject: [nvda] Those with other screenreaders as well problem
Now a number of people here use other screenreaders on the same machine,
and normally if one shuts one down and starts another and then goes the
other way, all works fine, however this evening as the old joke goes , a
funny thing happened on the way back to nvda from Jaws.
I always try to keep things up to date of course, and tonight I ran Jaws,
for which I have a licence obtained very cheaply in a sale. This so far has
meant a couple of major updates, but this evening not having run it for
some days, I did yet another update. All seemed to go well and I tested it
and saw no real difference. I then closed it and ran nvda.
What happened next was strange and I have now duplicated it three times.
Nvda could not read the menu you get when you go to shut down the pc with
alt/f4, it could not read the menus of Firefox and many other programs, nor
did it take single key entry to the desktop icons and say for example
Waterfox when I hit w.
The solution to this turned out to be control alt delete and on the
protected desktop picking cancel, whereupon everything was sweetness and
I have to stress that before the Jaws update, nothing like this was the
case. Now I'm not saying that its a deliberate ploy to sabotage nvda, but it
does make me think that Jaws is not leaving windows as it found it, so
please beware. If this happens to you its not nvda playing up, just windows
left in a strange state by Jaws.
Note I am using Windows 7. I notice that Jaws has a major update for Skypes
cock ups, erm improvements sorry..
End of public service announcement.



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