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hurrikennyandopo ...


I remember a while back jamie saying at times what is meant to be going
with that field was not read correctly. In most cases it might of been
if done correctly but alot of times it was not.

I have no problem with going into a edit area if i tab into it then
arrowing up to see what the field name is and if it corospondes with
athat field.

in other cases where it is done correctly it is automatically read out
so then it goes back to the people who done say the form etc it is not
done correctly by the guide lines.

If all guide lines were done correctly there would not be some of these

Just a simple example you ask a user of the shark how do you jump down
to the notification area and they would give you a shortcut insert key +
f11 if i remember.

yet a windows command is Windows key + letter B the arrow to what you want.

In a form i have used another screen reader and heard it say the wrong
things for the areas that you tabbed into.. it is like it does not line
up correctly and the only way is to arrow up to see what is correct.

I did not see the link but i guess i would be able to fill it in no
worries it would have to be pretty bad not to.

Any how if it is goverment yes they can fix if you tell them if privateĀ 
they do not have to there as far as i know is no law.

A good web developer would fix the problem if you told them or may even
test to see if you told them you used a screen reader and which one and
how to reproduce the problem.

One who does not care will just leave it.

Gene nz

Gene nz

On 8/31/2018 9:34 PM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
There lots of sites like this. Some work in jaws but not nvda and some
the reverse. Does anyone know if there is an agreed convention to
where the text of the field identifier should be or whether a page
author can add some code to force screen readers to read it?
I've also come across the same issue on surveys where one does not
know if the checkbox or radio button is before or after the legend and
in others graphic tags are used with no alt tags.
Somebody needs to sort these issues out and come up with hard and fast
rules for everyone to use I think.
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Subject: [nvda] problem with the blind mice mart site and nvda

When I tried to sign up for an account and I tab from edit box to
edit box all I hear is edit has auto complete on the latest version
of fire fox. When I tried the same thing with ie 11 all I hear when I
tab from edit box to edit box is edit. I have restarted nvda with add
ons disabled and it's still the same. This problems has been going on
for years now and they have not fixt the problem. This problem
occures in every edit box on the site the contact form and the sign
up for email newsletters. you can't fill out any form if you don't
know what information is required in each edit box this makes the
site not accessable like it or not. I have the latest version of nvda
and the latest update of windows 10 app ecentials.

Brian Sackrider

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