More on NVDA not announcing some MSO message statuses

Christo de Klerk

Hi Quentin and others

Here is some additional information as to when and when not NVDA announced forward and reply message statuses in MS Outlook:

  1. Installed 2018.2.1, no replied or forwarded status is reported.
  2. Installed nvda_snapshot_next-15134,d1d13075 and replied and forwarded status is again reported correctly.
  3. When installing above-mentioned snapshot, it warned me that I was installing an older version over 2018.2.1, which of course means that the snapshot was pushed prior to the last official release.

The fact that some versions of NVDA do announce those statuses while others do not, while using the same current version of MS Outlook, would indicate to me that the information is actually provided by MS Outlook and that it is not correct that a fix would be required from MS. It looks to me like something got broken in NvDA from the release of NVDA version 2018.2.

Kind regards


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