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The audio fade in is known about by Microsoft. its a realtech driver issue. they should have fixed this by now. Apparently the hardware is turned off after each use, what a silly thing to do. the only answer is to continuously play a silent sound at the moment.
And you wonder why I am not on 10 on my main machine?

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Hi there,
After a lot of umming and ahhing, I am once again climbing the dreaded mountain of Windows 10.
I have a lot of first impressions that make me want to throw the stupid thing out the window (no pun intended), instead I'm resorting to crying with frustration.
There are three things specific to using Windows 10 with NVDA that I can't quite figure out.
1. Window focus issues: Alt tabbing through windows (Winamp especially, I find I have to alt+tab to it twice for it to recognise that Winamp is focused), new dialogs opening (can't access confirmation messages on file operations, again, alt+tab will announce the application's main window rather than any dialog that might be opened, manually opening or closing a dialog, such as obtaining information from GoldWave's set marker dialog, again I'm having to close and reopen that to get it to do anything useful).
2. Audio issues: Slight fade-in before any sound plays from my audio device. This never happened in Windows 7 and it can be rather disconcerting when speech starts a word and you mishear it ("A" instead of "The", "I" instead of "My" etc), and audio sometimes being ducked despite audio ducking being turned off in NVDA. At first I thought it was some kind of power saving issue, but after setting my power settings to highest possible it still hasn't stopped, and there is nothing to do with audio in there in the first place.
3. Keyboard? issues: Press alt+f4 to close something, and you see yourself arrowing through a menu bar (I'm guessing because the new application has registered the alt press).
Has anyone found a way around these, or is it just me that's having these issues?
There are a lot of other things about using Windows 10 generally that I've managed to either avoid or completely disable that I think may help other people, and a few things that I could do with knowing myself, so if anyone knows of a Windows 10 for the blind or similar list, then I might post my full impressions and experiences there as well.

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