Re: problem with the blind mice mart site and nvda

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Seriously. What a lot of fuss over not much this all is.

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The problem is that the site is based on older technology. No--the tab key does not work particularly well on the site, as is the case w/many sites. But using arrow keys works very well. Using them, all form fields are labeled, etc, using latest stable NVDA, Firefox, & Chrome.

So those who are having problems--have you tried using arrow keys? You know, folks, it can cost a lot of money to keep websites up w/the latest technologies. & these evolve so rapidly that one can find oneself in a position of almost constantly having to pay for a revamp.
If the site truly were inaccessible, I'd have something to say--if for no other reason that the web is what I do--but this from my experience is not inaccessible nor has it ever been. Try up/down arrow keys, yall. I think you'll like the results.

On 8/30/18, brian <> wrote:
somone who can fill out the contact form can contact them as I
said I have always had this problem so that means for several versions
of nvda so maybe we need an add on to read edit boxes when you tab
from edit box to edit box so you can hear what you need to put in to
the edit boxes.

Brian Sackrider

On 8/30/2018 10:06 PM, Gene wrote:
Please stop rushing to condemnation. You have no grounds to not
purchase from the site. You don't know if this is a problem just
with new versions of NVDA. I looked at the site a number of years
ago and I didn't use Chrome. It worked properly. Please get the
facts about these kinds of situations before rushing to judgment. If
this is an NVDA problem, it is not a Mice Mart problem. If it only
happends in current or very recent versions of NVDA, then something
has very likely changed in NVDA. Once we determine if the problem is
very likely an NVDA or a site problem, we don't know if the site has
been contacted and how they have responded. If it is there proboem,
do they know about it? You have no facts.
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Hi, Brian,

This is a mystery to me too. I was planning to buy a cookbook that
has microwave recipes that you make in a mug but I don't think I'll
shop on that site. I wonder if they ever will fix that site.


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Gene this is a mystery why you don't have this problem and I have
always had this problem when you tab from edit box do you hear what
it say what you need to put in to the box? I don't.

Brian Sackrider

On 8/30/2018 9:07 PM, Gene wrote:

I don't know why you have the problem. I looked at the site using
an older version of NVDA and of Chrome and had no problem. I also
looked at it years ago and saw no such problem.


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When I tried to sign up for an account and I tab from edit box to
box all I hear is edit has auto complete on the latest version of
fox. When I tried the same thing with ie 11 all I hear when I tab
edit box to edit box is edit. I have restarted nvda with add ons
disabled and it's still the same. This problems has been going on for
years now and they have not fixt the problem. This problem
occures in
every edit box on the site the contact form and the sign up for email
newsletters. you can't fill out any form if you don't know what
information is required in each edit box this makes the site not
accessable like it or not. I have the latest version of nvda and the
latest update of windows 10 app ecentials.

Brian Sackrider

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