Problems With NVDA On My Computer

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
Please I am having two problems with my NVDA screen reader.
The first problem is that wwhen I want to use it on the internet, I
always hear "Icon1 of 5 or icon 4 of 5. I don't understand what this
is all about. I didn't install any icons. What can I do about this,
because it makes it impossible sometimes for me to browse.
Can I remove the icons? how do I remove them, because I didn't install
them, and I don't even understand what they are all about, and their
Secondly, sometimes, when I copy an item from a web page, or an Email
message, it doesn't get pasted. When I copy it, I hear copy selection
to clipboard, and when I paste on the word processor, I hear pasted
from clipboard: but nothing gets pasted.
So the question now is: does anyone have ideas on how I can solve
these two problems?
Hope to read a response.
From Ibrahim.

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