Re: trillian?

Brian Tew

Ok, it baasically will not let me update, or maybe I don't know how.
I removed everything having to do with miranda from the pc, then got your file.
Install went ok. But now when I start miranda it says:

this is an old daatabase no longer used, click yes to change to new format.

so I click yes.
then it says:

cannot read default.dat. it is inaccessible or is being used by another app or instance of miranda.

I am very new to windows. What should I do now?
And thanks.


On Aug 31, 2018, at 8:52 AM, Robert Kingett <kingettr@...> wrote:

I could use dropbox but I change my dropbox around so often no doubt I would delete it forgetting it is a shared file. All versions of Miranda NG should be completely uninstalled before installing this version. The old link is below but it no longer works. When you install this blind version, be sure to update because it is a slightly older version! I can't stress this enough. If you don't update, FaceBook won't work, Twitter won't work, discord won't work. My email is below, as well. Write to me.

old link.


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