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What are you using to say copied to clipboard etc, if its the dumb add on, then it is as they say, dumb and hence you may not have selected the stuff you want to actually copy.
Not sure what you mean about icon, many things can trigger the icon description, but it only means you have encountered an icon, so I think a little more detail into what where and what with are needed to give a good answer to this.

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Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2018 1:51 AM
Subject: [nvda] Problems With NVDA On My Computer

Hi good people:
Please I am having two problems with my NVDA screen reader.
The first problem is that wwhen I want to use it on the internet, I
always hear "Icon1 of 5 or icon 4 of 5. I don't understand what this
is all about. I didn't install any icons. What can I do about this,
because it makes it impossible sometimes for me to browse.
Can I remove the icons? how do I remove them, because I didn't install
them, and I don't even understand what they are all about, and their
Secondly, sometimes, when I copy an item from a web page, or an Email
message, it doesn't get pasted. When I copy it, I hear copy selection
to clipboard, and when I paste on the word processor, I hear pasted
from clipboard: but nothing gets pasted.
So the question now is: does anyone have ideas on how I can solve
these two problems?
Hope to read a response.
From Ibrahim.

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