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I had hoped these were dying out. I assume you have no audio option?
The daft thing is that I have seen well heard many demos of spammer cloud based cap char solvers used by said spammers and to me the only true way to avoid spam is some clever questions or an email authentication system. If Facebook really are going down this route a lot of people not just blind ones will see it as the last straw for a badly run company.

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Hello list. It now appears that Facebook is using a new captcha to prove your account isn't spam. It's not the easiest thing in the world to solve captchas at this time. I'm not willing to run an older version of a browser to do so.

Another thing is that Facebook should make this test possible for the blind to pass without much hassle. Has anyone else seen this new test pop up? These things say we're not human because we can't read or solve a picture puzzle. How ridiculous!!!

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