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Well, since you can't currently run NVDA on the machine, you'll need a sighted
helper to look for you. They need to start from Control Panel and then click
on "System and Security" and then "System".

Under the heading "Windows edition", it'll say which version of Windows 7 is
installed (eg: Home Premium), and underneath that it will say "Service Pack 1"
if it is installed.


On Saturday 01 September 2018 at 17:11:55, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io wrote:

am not sure, how do one check it

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Does this Windows 7 machine have Service Pack 1 installed?

I remember that became a requirement for some version of NVDA a while
ago, so it'll still be true for the current version too.


On Saturday 01 September 2018 at 16:45:12, Kerryn Gunness via Groups.Io

hi all
i have the latest NVDA as a portable version on a flash drive, when i
try to run it on a windows 7 system, it is not working it is saying
windows 7 does not support this version
how is this?
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