i always follow new features, changes and bug fixes in different
versions of nvda.
i believe nvda since its version 2017.3 and later, has focus on
improving windows ten support, microsoft edge, braille and quantum
versions of firefox which i dont need any of them.
i wished to use 2017.2 which has some important features for me, but
unfortunately it is slow in web browsers, and even two or three times
made my keyboard and explorer unusable and made me to forceably
shutdown my system using power key!
the only version that sutes my needs and i did not experience such
problems on it, both using windows xp (my favorite windows version
forever) and even testing with windows seven, is nvda version 2017.1.

i realy love it, very fast and responsive, without hang or making
keyboard and system unusable and i wish and decided to keep and use
nvda 2017.1 forever by the grace of God!

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thanks joseph

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Gene is correct, although I should emphasize that 2018.3 (at least in beta
form) will bring more than improved support for Windows 10. Some of the
other features include automatic braille display detection, announcing
grammar errors in Chrome if exposed by web authors, support for BrailleNote
QT (my work), improved list of languages in NVDA's general settings panel,
and a whole bunch of changes for developers.



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Do you have service pack 1 installed on the Windows machine? that is
necessary. As far as I know, NVDA still supports machines withService Pack

How important is it for you to run a current version. While I don't
follow what's new in NVDA closely since I have no need of what has been
changed, my impression is that for awhile, most changes are to keep the
program current and improve accessibility in Windows 10. Therefore, you
might do well running the last version that doesn't require service pack 1
if you can't or don't want to upgrade the machine.


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Subject: [nvda] NVDA PORTABLE

hi all

i have the latest NVDA as a portable version on a flash drive, when i try
to run it on a windows 7 system, it is not working

it is saying windows 7 does not support this version

how is this?


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