Re: Merging and autoducking 2 tracks in Audacity

Rich De Steno <ironrock@...>

This assumes that you know how to move tracks in Audacity:

Position the music track above the voice track

Position the voice track where you want it to begin in relation to the music track

The music track should be selected and the voice track unselected

Press j then shift-k on the music track

Enter the Effects menu with alt-c then press Enter on Autoduck

On 9/2/2018 8:47 AM, Claire Potter wrote:
Hi all, I apologise in advance as I do know that this is not a list for
Audacity, but I would really appreciate it if anyone can help. I have 2
tracks which I need to merge together, one is a music track, the other is
speech, what I need to try to do is put the 2 together so that when I start
to speak the music track continues to play but just at a lower level. Does
anyone know how to do this using Audacity and NVDA?

Warm regards, Claire Potter, Check out my brand new website:

Rich De Steno

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