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what is speak on?

I have heard of kody but not speak on before

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OK the fact that its multi platform makes me think that its not been made with any API in mind at all, and this is a worry.

However they do say some things about a web interface for it, so I did wonder if one might be able to control it like that in some way. Obviously I've not tried it as I've only just heard of it, but being open source and one supposes it has a forum and probably some email addresses for queries, your questions about the accessibility are probably better directed there
Apart from Mozilla who do attempt to make their code specific to the operating system and hence its API  I have not had much luck with these sort of programmes in the past, sadly.

Media  library front ends are notoriously odd and most of those used on home entertainment systems tend to be touch screen or graphic based.

It could be that the so called screenreader is some kind of self voicing interface written similar to the way SpeakOn works.
If its not installing then maybe its something to raze with the authors.
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hi there. can someone please help me with kody? its not talking with nvdA or jaws. you can install a skreenreader for it. but I doent know ware to get the skreenreader, and how to install it. can you please help me? if you want to ad me on skype, its adel.spence or you can email me at:
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