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Well I would have prefured to be honest that I could buy a licence to use ccleaner without any monitering as an on demand thing.

I don't care to buy pro, I don't need the features, I really don't.

I do think though that if they keep being to aggressive well who knows.

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The problem is that the aggressive Avast people took over PiReform and I understand the old team were not particularly happy about this. In fact the malware was not bad, but I suspect was done deliberately by the disgruntled people who no doubt were getting the  chop..
It has scanned OK and now they have at least given people the ability to turn off the snooping, at least we assume they have come clean completely as obviously the free version had to be subsidised by collecting metrics from the users.

The real power bits of ccleaner for me are the ability to look at browser add ons,  and tasks and start up items and toggle them, also to see what system restore points are set and to remove old ones.
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Not a big fan of products like CCleaner. In September of 2017, it was widely reported that the backdoor was being exploited to have malware implanted. And another report last December:

The actual malware detected in CCleaner was found to contain malicious code: the attackers implanted their code in a legitimate product that received a legitimate certificate.

Who knows when or if the above will happen again. Use the product at your own risk.



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