Re: who knows this?

Dejan Ristic

Hi once more,

To be more specific, today I happened to face a new VLC update coming into view. NVDA did not inform me of an update being available. As I've already said to you, I hit NVDA plus B to read the message of updates with the buttons making up the dialogue together with the message asking whether I wished to perform the updates.

On 31/08/2018 13:31, Dejan Ristic wrote:
Hi to you, friend,

When I'm in such trouble, I press NVDA plus B to let it read what it has to read in such a dialogue. Try that.

On 31/08/2018 11:12, P. Otter wrote:
hello friends from nvda,
I have a fairly simple question, sometimes there is a choice in windows because of an update for example.
I can now choose yes, install or no, do not install.
I just can not manage to read the question that I have to say yes or no to.
not even with the numeric keypad.
not even with nvda-key plus 7
who knows what to do?
thanks in advance!
paul otter



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