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Yes, that is it.
Codex is a great program, and James Scholls has done a great job on it.
Codex installs a portable installation of Calibre to do its converting, so both programs are not needed separately as with other front ends in the past, such as eBook-convert GUI.
There is a legal grey area with Codex. I know of a list where it is banned from being talked about for the simple reason that it can also, with the use of a third party Calibre plugin, strip the drm infestation from purchased ebooks.
Just something for the moderators to consider if discussion of Codex does continue here.

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I use Calibre (and I'll caveat that by saying I do have enough site to use the mouse as well as the keyboard).

It actually has keyboard shortcuts for most things but they're not as obvious to find as they could be.  Here's a page with some:

And here's the official manual:

I haven't tried Codex that Kevin suggested, but just did a search and this looks like it:

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does anyone on this list use calibre or simular management ebook tool? i used it a while ago and found, that it is inaccessible. so can anyone give me an advice how should i use this program or suggest an alternative?

i need it for conversion between formats, reading itself etc.

thanks, Jožef

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