Re: Ribbon disabler and more.



            No you don't get conventional menus because such have not existed "everywhere" in Windows since the advent of Windows 7.  I really don't see the point of this software.  There is a toggle button (and, yes it is an actual button that performs a toggle function) on File Explorer that allows you show/hide the ribbon.  This isn't only available in File Explorer, either.  I have yet to encounter a program that has a ribbon where CTRL + F1 doesn't act as a show/hide toggle for it.

             In most, and definitely in File Explorer, if you hide the ribbon and exit the program when it's opened again the ribbon remains hidden. If the ribbon is hidden, hitting ALT makes all the tabs, each of which has a ribbon, appear and picking a tab, either via the letter shortcut or arrowing to it, causes its corresponding ribbon to appear for access and then disappear again once your choice is made.

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