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Below is a list of the differences between NTSC and Pal. If the disk was
purchased or created in the western hemisphere, it is most likely NTSC. The
short list below shows the differences in the two standards.

• NTSC stands for National Television System Committee.
• PAL stands for Phase Alternation by Line.
• NTSC is used in North America, South America, USA, Japan, Taiwan,
Philippines, and South Korea,
• PAL is used in Australia, UK, Asia and various European countries such as
Sweden, Belgium,
• NTSC possess a manual system for the color correction.
• PAL possess the automatic system for color correction.
• NTSC possess higher delivery rate than PAL, i.e.,30 fps as 25 fps of PAL.
• PAL possess a higher aspect ratio of 720×576 than the 720×480 of NTSC.
• PAL system uses the latest technology as compared to NTSC.
• NTSC system can be decoded with a pair of NTSC decoders.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 4, 2018 8:00 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] VLC media player

Well if its in a different it could be ntsc.

Don't ask me what pal or ntsc are, all I know is that pal is what all
western players run and ntsc is probably japanese or something its an older

These days just about everything supports everything else.

Vlc may be able to play your ntsc disk for example.

Weather your dvd drive will is debatable.

I have never seen dvd drive firmware but if its recent then maybe you will
be in luck.

Failing that, if by chance you have something like an xbox1 or xbox 360 or
something with win10 for x box or a playstation with accessibility, there is
every chance you will be able to play those formats no trouble.

On 9/5/2018 11:41 AM, Gene wrote:
Since the DVD is in an unusual format, you probably didn't see any options
in the open with dialog because nothing on the system supports that file
type. You won't see open with options for an unregistered file type. In
such a case, you can try playing the file directly within a program but it
probably won't play. But you can try in case something went wrong and it can
play the file even if it isn't registered because of some error or
incompatibility. In other words, it may play the file anyway.

Since you have VLC player installed, you can try another player, but you
might as well use VLC Player for this DVD. Now that you have installed VLC
Player, if it can play that file type, you should see an open with menu and
VLC player as a choice, perhaps the only choice. If you don't, try playing
the file from within the player. You should see an open with option for a
registered file type, but just in case something didn't register properly or
there is some other problem preventing you seeing the option in the open
with menu, try playing the file from within the program.

Those who use the player can tell you how to do this if you need to know.
I have almost never used it.

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From: Gene
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Don't assume there has to be a version for Windows 10. There probably is
a version that says it can be run in Windows 10 but most programs that will
run in Windows 7 will run in Windows 10.

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From: Rosemarie Chavarria
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2018 5:57 PM
Subject: [nvda] VLC media player

Hi, everyone,

I just looked at the site for VLC media player but it doesn't show a
version for windows 10. Is there something else I can use to watch this
movie? I just had my sighted nephew go on the computer with team viewer and
he said that the DVD is in a weird format. It's really too bad that I can't
watch the movie now.


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