Options in Firefox 62

Giles Turnbull

Hi all, sorry for this longish post!

Firegfox updated to version 62.0 for me yesterday and I've noticed the options page seems very different in layout and I'm finding it very difficult to navigate.

There are 5 main categories, General, Home, Search, Privacy & Security, and Firefox Account. It is possible to tab through those sections in browse mode but very few options seem to be present. Using object navigation seems to work better, but again there seem to be many of the options in the old layout totaly missing in this new layout.

I used to have startpage.com set as my homepage and that has been replaced my a blank page and I can't find what used to be a text box in which you could enter the address of the page you desired for the homepage. There is now a combo box which you can select blank page or Firefox.com and I can't figure out where to specify a different URL.

One thing I used to do on a monthly basis was to copy the addresses of all the tabs that I open on starting Mozilla ... I open about 30 tabs at startup and this is not the post to comment on that! (They are pages I need every day at the moment as I register for all my university course matters.) In the old layout I could press a button to choose all open tabs to be reopened and then it would place all of their URLs in a text box (possibly as the homepage choice though I can't remember if that's which box it was) from where I could copy all of the addresses and paste them into a text file before deleting the entries and changing it back to startpage.com. I badly need to do this now becuase I'm setting up a new laptop and want to paste my currently open tabs from my old laptop into the new installation of Firefox, but I can't do this without individually copying each web address in turn and opening it as a new tab in the new installation. The button to use current pages seems not to be present in either browse mode or object navigation.

Any suggestions for how to navigate this new layout of the Firefox options or to transfer settings including bookmarks and homepage would be greatly appreciated. In general I am very happy with Firefox and don't want to change to an alternative like Waterfox or Chrome. Hopefully you can tell me I'm just missing something stupidly simple :)



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