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Rui Fontes


It is also possible to use a addon to input special characters...It can be found on:

Please note that I don't believe it will work reliably on NVDA last versions due to WXPython changes...

I will investigate...

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Às 04:02 de 06/09/2018, Lino Morales escreveu:

Hi Quentin I’ll let her know what you said. I’ll paste what you said in the comments on said group. Thanks.
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Hi Lino,
I'm not familiar with the Jaws special character entry, but there are several ways of entering alternate characters.
For learning Spanish, I would perhaps be inclined to install the Spanish language in Windows, including keyboard.  Then using WINDOWS+SPACEBAR you can change keyboard layout between languages.
Windows character map also works.  The symbol entry dialog in Word doesn't work overly well, but once you have entered symbols with it, to reuse them again is much easier.
On Thu, Sep 6, 2018 at 12:23 PM, Lino Morales <linomorales001@... <mailto:linomorales001@...>> wrote:
Hi Joseph etc. Is their a way you or somebody who could create an
issue on Github? Someone on a FB group I’m on wanted to know if this
student she’s teaching can use the special characters like in JAWS
I.E JAWS key plus 4. I know this doesn’t exist in NVDA. This student
is learning Spanish and uses NVDA. Thanks.
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