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What is the status of Seamonkey these days?

Others would suggest getting used to Chrome which today apparently has a new skin look but should not affect the screenreader use.

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Well if this is mozilla and it could be, then these regressions need reporting.

I'd personally use waterfox myself which still works.

On 9/6/2018 11:36 PM, David Russell wrote:
Hello Members,

I just read through the recent digest with exchanges between Gene and Shaun.

The reply by Shaun best describes what occurred. I was at and had just sent in an email request to subscribe.
Moments later, I heard a beep tone and was informed FireFox was
updating. It took a few moments.
I then had the option to change search engines, or do not change
search engines, and I chose do not change.
I was somewhat in surprise at all this occurring.
I googled something about updates and learned that malicious updates
are on the rise as Gene indicated.
Scrolling through the program menu, my browser was now identified as
just FireFox not Mozilla FireFox.
Settings were changed.
Keyboard functions such as backspace, hyphen, period, comma, were not
read when pressed. My auto-signature was not read when in email. I had
to forward tab once when going to a website to access the link wanted.
Shall I say more?

I later changed the update criteria in advance settings after
restoring my computer to an earlier time. Now, updates are told to me
when they want to occur and I either say yes or ask me later.

I cannot ascertain for certain if this is Mozilla or a hack.
Nonetheless, It appears Mozilla as known, is returned. It's supposed
update occurred in November 2017.
No background service is doing any installations for me under the
current criteria. I'll be darn careful and use my MS Security
Essentials regularly.

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