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Quentin Christensen

I'm not sure what this was in reply to either.  I get queries on OCR from time to time, but it's generally a matter of teaching the user the steps.  If there is a problem with it, we'd like to know as well :)



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Do you know who was replying to the original thread? Was there a githubissue raised?
I do not recall the conversation and I do try to read a little of each. Might be an idea to quote part of the old discussion.

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Hi just checking in with you to find out if development got back to your yet?

On the two folders you pass on to them that I sent you as to why my OCR future isn't working.

I hope they find out something soon cause if it is A future that people need to use it would be nice if it worked reliably.

So thank you for working with me on this and please let me know when you find something out.



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