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Kerryn Gunness <k_gunness@...>

thanks all, but when i go to tools then options in ff
i am not seeing the option to turn off updates
could u all tell me whare it is found?

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Yes that is exactly why I am still using windows 7 and have waterfox on it. I do still have firefox 52, but as of the end of August no security updates are being offered for that version.

Waterfox is 64 bit only, so no good on 32 bit versions of windows.

To me as long as you do not have anyone is click happy on your machine and scan it regularly and do not visited dodgy sites anything more threatening than tracking cookies or maybe bundled rubbishware are unlikely.
Be mindful of the discussion about Ccleaner only being safe in its portable guise though.
You may find that soon many web sites may not work well with the older Firefox, needing Chrome based, Edge based or Quantum based browsers. This might affect Waterfox, but may not if they spoof the data it sends to the web site to pretend to be a later version of firefox.

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Hello Group,

OK, I have learned a couple things since posting eight or so hours ago.

- I have FF 52. I now get one of those Do you want to allow FireFox to
install .... when going into use Mozilla FireFox, tab to the no answer
and it allows me to conduct business as usual. I can live with that.

- I also saw Davy's notice about what the update concerns, but am
reluctant to accept it because of what occurred before and was
generally described in previous posts.
- I was able to do my work and other ordinary routine today without
too much hassle.
- I have three versions of NVDA on my computer, but not sure how to
tell which is the latest working one. I use a desktop not a laptop
- I set Security Essentials to do a full scan and spyware check during
my breakfast time Friday and the computer does not have to be on for
that to occur.
Thus for now, going to leave things as they are until a better doable
resolution comes along. I have some major projects forthcoming, and
cannot afford to have my computer disabled.

David Russell

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