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Jonathan COHN

In a URL like this the protocol is what is before the colan, so in this case the protocol is called NVDARemote. This then needs to be associated with a specific program in the Windows defaults panel. I had trouble reviewing this panel in Windows 10 with JAWS, but I haven't really looked at it with NVDA.

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As a follow-up to this, does anyone know which Windows protocol the NVDA
Remote add-on would use? Here is an example of what I am trying to run that
is not working. I have created an internet shortcut to:
Note that they key for the computer is not online now, however, the shortcut
parameters will work with any valid online key..

When I try and run this shortcut, I get a message that the application
cannot be found. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling NVDA as well as the
new Add-on that Joseph created, which brings up another interesting issue.
I can install the Add-on from the website, but I cannot
install Joseph's add-on on this particular WIN10 computer. I get a message
that the file and application cannot be found whether I run or save it to
the Desktop first regardless of the browser. I have completely reloaded the
computer and this issue persists. It started yesterday for no reason that I
can find. Any help would be appreciated. I am running NVDA 2018.2.


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Hi All,

I have created shortcuts to the computers that I control remotely via
the remote add-on. For some reason, now when I click on any of them,
I get a message that the application cannot be found. Any ideas on
how this can be resolved? I have uninstalled-reinstalled NVDA and the
add-on without success. Which application actually launches these
shortcuts? They start with nvdaremote colon slash slash.


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