Re: Two add-on releases: ObjPad 18.09, StationPlaylist 18.09 (long-term support) #addonrelease



Note: these releases will be released to the world in about an hour from now.




From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: Friday, September 7, 2018 10:19 AM
Subject: [nvda] Two add-on releases: ObjPad 18.09, StationPlaylist 18.09 (long-term support) #AddonRelease


Hi all,


Two add-ons have been updated today:

  • ObjPad 18.09: until now, in order to activate a given object, you had to press Space. Starting with 18.09, you can now press Enter to activate the object you are located at. Also, the add-on will speak more languages thanks to work from translators.
  • StationPlaylist Studio 18.09: besides letting you save playlist data to a CSV file, it now opens the door for Add-on Updater to update this add-on. It also includes a feature that’ll become active once NVDA 2018.3 stable version is released: ability to save add-on settings from anywhere by pressing Control+NVDA+C.


A note about StationPlaylist Studio 18.09: this is a long-term support release. Version 18.09.x will be powered by Python 2, with a future stable release switching to Python 3 once NVDA does transition to Python 3. Also, if you are using Studio 5.10, 18.09.x is for you.


Additional details:


  • Later in September, an 18.09.x version will be released, locking the update channel to LTS. If you wish to use stable releases (18.10 and beyond), you SHOULD NOT install that version; if you do, you need to visit NVDA add-ons website and download the stable (18.10) version, which, among other things, will require NVDA 2018.3. For now, 18.09 (the zero version) won’t lock you to LTS channel, so stable version users can use this release.
  • Support for Studio 5.11 is contingent on user feedback. Although Studio 5.20 includes features used to make some add-on features more efficient to implement, there are folks who need to use 5.11 for various reasons. Thus, about 60 days prior to ending support for 5.11 (likely in 2020), I’ll post a notice regarding this matter.
  • There are vast differences between python 2 and 3. Since LTS and stable releases will be powered by Python 2 and 3, respectively, I’ll try my best to backport newer features to 18.09.x (LTS) users if it is possible.
  • Support for 18.09.x will end in December 2019 at the earliest.




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