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thanks david

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Hi NVDA Group,

- To the person requesting where to find the update settings in
FireFox, FF, I concur with the answer in the previous digest, Advance

- What Roger describes and what someone else described concerning a
Google error message is similar to the type of thing that was
occurring when this update installed on my desktop computer two days
ago. NVDA would not announce hyphen, comma, period or other
punctuation keys when pressed, read my auto-signature in email, or
announce letters backspaced over. It would read words as I typed them
though. Other things changed as well until I did system restore going
back to the pre-update status. Not being that tech savvy, frankly, I
don't really know what the h..l to do. Gene's articles may be a good
place to start though, thanks.

David Russell
"chilah phanim" Make G-d smile!

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