Re: latest nvda that works on windows xp?

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Oh, that's a much nicer link format than the version I knew about.



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I forgot to give the link:

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Before you go through the time and trouble of putting Windows 7 on the
machine, while XP is on it, find out the specifications of the machine
such as the chip speed and amount of RAM. If you don't know the minimum
requirements for Windows 7, let us know what you find out. The machine
may be able to run Windows 7 well or reasonably well, but it well may not
be able to.

As far as the latest version to run with XP, it doesn't matter at all for
what you are trying to do. Here is a link to the download page of the
latest version that runs in XP. You can run any version of NVDA as a
portable version without even having the program create a portable
version. When the installer runs and you have speech, you will be given
choices such as, install, create portable version, or keep running.
Select the keep running option.

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From: The Wolf
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Subject: [nvda] latest nvda that works on windows xp?

Helolo a neighbor gave me her old windows xp machine and I need to get
the music and other stuff off her machine that she wants

can any one tell me what is the latest version of nvda works with xp and
if some one could direct me to a portable version of it?

I plan on at least trying to put windows7 on to this machine I have no
plans on keeping windows xp on the machine

if windows7 will not run I will turn it in to a linux box or something


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