Re: latest nvda that works on windows xp?


Interestingly, older downloads are redirecting to SourceForge now, I don't recall them ever doing that previously.

On 9/8/2018 5:06 AM, Antony Stone wrote:
There's a general formula you can use to work out the download link for any
version of NVDA from 2013.1 onwards.

To download release number N (where N is between 1 and 4) from year YYYY
(where YYYY is 2016, 2017, 2018 etc), the download link is:

Simply substitute the year and release number you want into the above URL and
you can download whichever version you want.

I don't know about getting a version earlier than 2013.1, but I seriously
doubt anyone really needs those.


On Saturday 08 September 2018 at 10:42:16, Brian's Mail list account wrote:

You should find, as long as The version of xp is fully up to date that the
mentioned version of nvda will in fact work very well. A lot of the add ons
will still work. Quite a lot of care was taken for that release as I
recall to make as bug free as possible as it was the last one.

Perhaps somebody could unforget the link.
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I don't have a slot to put the drive in my other desktop other wise I

I also don't have full use of one of my hands and do not feel confortable
with remove computer parts

On 9/7/2018 11:21 PM, Isaac wrote:
can you just take out the drive and grab the stuff of of it?
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NVDA 2017.3

Le 08/09/2018 à 07:59, The Wolf a écrit :
Helolo a neighbor gave me her old windows xp machine and I need to get
the music and other stuff off her machine that she wants

can any one tell me what is the latest version of nvda works with xp
and if some one could direct me to a portable version of it?

I plan on at least trying to put windows7 on to this machine I have no
plans on keeping windows xp on the machine

if windows7 will not run I will turn it in to a linux box or something



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