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Aman Singer


Yes, tor browser updates are automatic. You can, to my knowledge, disable them in the same way as from Firefox itself, tools, options, advanced, updates, never check for updates.
I hope that's of use.

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is updating for toor automatic or not?
if it is, is there a setting to turn automatic update off like preferences of firefox?

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This has already been reported
I'm not sure whether it can be repaired at the TOR browser end, but
they do seem to be aware of it. It is still possible to download the
older Tor Browser 7.x and then rename the updater.exe file so that
updates don't happen. Obviously, this is not a permanent or reasonable
solution, but it works for now.

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Hi all,
Just yesterday, Tor browser was updated to 8.0 and after the upgrade,
NVDA became totally inaccessible with the browser.
I am not sure if this is the problem that Tor has upgraded the
underlying Firefox to Esr 60.2 and any possible fix for this at this moment?


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