Re: just became a blind mice megamall member


That took a lot of courage to admit, Rosemarie, especially on a public
forum. I admire you a lot for doing that, in case it actually matters.

Again, I have no affiliation whatever w/Blind Mice Mall. Indeed, truth
be told, I resent the name, but that has to do w/personal issues which
are completely my responsibility & nothing whatever to do w/them.
Still, I felt that calling their site inaccessible was ill-informed at
best & libelous at worst.

What you did was really stand-up. Not many would've done that.
Congratulations on your integrity of character!

On 9/8/18, Rosemarie Chavarria <knitqueen2007@...> wrote:
Hi, everyone,

Just want to admit that I was wrong about the blind mice megamall site not
being accessible. I just became a member. To the person who said that the
site is not accessible, you have to look at the form in browse mode. Then
you can fill it out. I looked at the site in both firefox and internet
explorer. This is a great lesson to learn for all of us--not to jump to


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