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Terrie Terlau <terrieter@...>

Hi Pranav,
Thank you for this information. I am working with someone who is blind and
can't use a keyboard, and I have a few more questions. Do you know if there
is documentation showing how much control of the PC you get with TextBridge
and Dragon 15? Can Dragon open applications such as email and Word? Can you
move through a list of emails or files in a folder with Dragon commands?
If this info is in a document, where might I find it?
Thanks for any help you can give.
Warm regards,
Terrie Terlau

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Hi Terrie,

We tested dictationBridge with dragon individual professional. It works well
with that version of Dragon which is Dragon 15. You can try a lower version
such as Dragon 14.

You could also give windows speech-recognition a try but I do not know how
well it works on Windows 7.
I am not sure about Dragon 15 either. If however you can get either WSR or
Dragon to work then dictationBridge will work. It does not have operating
system limitations.


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