Re: Portable copy of NVDA not working on laptop

Antony Stone

Section 3 of the documentation for NVDA says:

"If you wish to copy NVDA onto read-only media such as a CD, you should just
copy the download package. Running the portable version directly from read-
only media is not supported at this time."

So, you need to use a USB stick instead.



On Sunday 09 September 2018 at 15:33:05, Nancy Shackelford wrote:

I put this on a CD, but it won't work in my laptop, for which I need
voice to fix; audio got disabled; I hoped to use NVDA with my
TripleTalk device, but portable is not doing anything. Are there
special things to know about making a portable copy? Does it need to
be on a DVD instead of a CD? Any and all help appreciated.

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