Re: just became a blind mice megamall member


Agreed, Gene. I think unless we start seeing more than 1 report of
this, the person experiencing the problem needs to asume there's
something about his setup that's causing it.

On 9/9/18, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I'm trying a new e-mail address, if anyone notices the difference.

please stop assuming and generalizing from your own experience. This is
your problem for some unknown reason. I haven't had it and no one else,
that I recall, has reported it. If I look at the login form and down arrow
through the fields, everything reads properly.

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Actually, I'd not be so charitable myself. There is precious little help too

figure it out and in my case even in browse mode it jumped about to the
wrong fields.
It could be done much more intuitively and with more help for people.

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Subject: [nvda] just became a blind mice megamall member

Hi, everyone,

Just want to admit that I was wrong about the blind mice megamall site
being accessible. I just became a member. To the person who said that the
site is not accessible, you have to look at the form in browse mode. Then
you can fill it out. I looked at the site in both firefox and internet
explorer. This is a great lesson to learn for all of us--not to jump to


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