Re: Espeak in a sapi5 guise?

Antony Stone

I do sometimes wish people would read the replies which have already been
posted to a thread before adding their own, just to save irrelevant bandwidth,
and wasted time for those reading the thread afterwards.


On Sunday 09 September 2018 at 21:42:21, Chris G wrote:

Try this link:

On Sun, 9 Sep 2018 20:35:08 +0100 David Mellor wrote:
I'm still using it as a SAPI5 voice. I don't know if this gets updated
with each NVDA update so it might be quite an old one.
It's not completely stable. It sometimes breaks and Windows 7
automatically changes the default SAPI voice to Microsoft Mary which is
pretty aweful. It takes just a few seconds to set it back to the desired
eSpeak voice once you've got the technique sorted.

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Is this still available? I rather want it to be available in other
software including Jaws and some self voicing and mp3 creation software
so we can use

the same voice somebody likes.

And no rude comments about anyone liking Espeak please, each to their
own. Brian
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